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In Case You Missed It

#2020 #2021 #assessment #booksiloved #gifts #habits #meditation Jan 01, 2021

In order to celebrate the end of 2020, this week I sent 5 gifts in 5 days via email and social media posts. 

In case you missed them, you can access them here:

Day 1:  A simple assessment tool, based on advice from a wise person who told me "show me your habits and I'll show you your results,"  and designed to guide your own reflection and planning as we move forward into 2021.  You can download your review and assessment here:

Day 2:  In recognition of one of the most challenging years filled with doubt and uncertainty,  I provided one of my most requested guides:  Doubt Busters:  6 Ways to Defeat Negative Thinking.  It provides practical steps to overcome the negative voice that lives inside your head.  You can download your guide here:

Day 3:  Are you prepared for the inevitable?  A copy of my chapter in the international best selling book Bright Spots:  Motivation and Inspiration to Light Your Path in a Changing World. My chapter encourages practices that build resilience as a way to prepared for the inevitable challenges life throws your way.  You can download it here:

Day 4:  What should you read next?  This gift is a list of Some of My All-Time Favorite Books, my go-to books for inspiration and best practices for personal and professional development.  You can access the list here:

Day 5:  My Most Valuable Habit.  The daily ritual that most contributes to my own health and well-being is meditation.  I recorded a brief meditation for you to try.  It takes less than 5 minutes and I'm confident it will bring you some peace of mind.  You can access it here:

I hope you enjoy these gifts and find them of value.  As always, I love to hear your feedback on how they helped you and what some of your favorite year end rituals are.  

Wishing you all good things in the new year.


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