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What Value Do You Place on Learning and Growth?

Oct 13, 2022

Those who value lifelong learning know there is always another level.  They move confidently into the future, knowing that they can figure things out along the way.  They are not limited in their aspirations by their current knowledge and capabilities.  

~ Cheryl Bonini Ellis

When I get to this time of year, I can’t help starting to think ahead to the next year.  I recently took some much-needed time off to take our first overseas trip in three years.  It felt good to get back out there!

I didn’t realize how much I needed a break until I was on it.  The past few years have been non-stop for me.  First, converting programs and other offerings completely to a virtual format.  Then, in my role as senior faculty member at the Leadership Development Institute, learning all new content for their flagship Leadership Development Program, which was completely overhauled by the Center for Creative Leadership to reflect the every-changing challenges of leadership in our new world.  That was demanding but well worth the effort.

Now, as we stare down the end of 2022 – unbelievably! – I am thinking about what 2023 will look like for me and for my clients, readers and other associates.

In the spirit of sharing, here are some of the questions I like to ask myself, reflect on, and journal about, as I sort through the highs and lows of the year to date, and use what I learned to make the next year even better.

  1. What are you happiest about in your life right now?
  2. What was your biggest accomplishment during the year?
  3. What were your most important lessons you want to bring forward?
  4. What are you disappointed about? What can you do to alleviate that?  Is it worth it?
  5. What habits and disciplines served you best?
  6. What habits do you need to add in the future? Which do you need to let go?
  7. Which relationships have been most important and supportive to you so far this year? Which relationships need to be strengthened or changed?
  8. What is most important to you in the next 12 months? (Think financially, relationally, health and well-being, energetically, balancing work and life, community, fun time, legacy and contribution).

That’s what I’m thinking about so far.  I’d love to hear your thoughts on this list and suggestions for what you would add. 


P.S.  In the spirit of preparing to meet 2023 head on, I am offering another Group High Performance Coaching Program beginning in mid-November. This is the perfect opportunity to join other like-minded high performers who know there is always another level.

I can’t think of a better time to make this investment in yourself, and to end the year with clarity and confidence about the new year.

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