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Time For a Mid-Year Reflect and Reset

Jun 02, 2022

We are nearly at the half-way point of the year and it's a great time to reflect, assess and reset.  I encourage you and challenge you to ask yourself some high-performance questions:

What's working for you this year?  What's frustrating you or your attempts to meet goals and make progress?  How have you been showing up?  For yourself?  For others? What course-corrections do you need to make to finish the year strong.  After all, there is still six months to do that!

Let's consider some specific habits of high performers.  Rate yourself on a scale of one to ten in each of these areas (one = nowhere near enough and ten = I'm crushing it!)

How would you rate your overall level of clarity?  Think of things like how clear you are on what you've accomplished, how aligned your actions are with your intentions for the year -- and most importantly, what you need to do in order to meet your goals?

Here's another metric -- how would you rate your level of energy so far this year?  Think of your physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual energy.  Do you have the vibrancy you need to succeed?  If not, what steps can you take to get back on track?

Consider now your level of psychological necessity.  This is a measure of whether -- and to what extent-- you have daily motivation and drive, on a consistent basis, to accomplish what you want this year.  

Next, how would you rate your overall level of productivity?  Are you spending enough time on the things that matter?  Or, are you spinning your wheels with busy work and distractions?  Think about what practices you can employ in the second half of the year to be more productive and intentional.

How high is your level of influence?  Where do you wish you had more influence in your life right now?  What steps can you take to build your level of influence?

And finally, how would you rate your level of courage so far this year?  How have you demonstrated courage?  Have you spoken up and spoken out on the things that are important to you, even when it's hard to do?  Have you been appropriately vulnerable with others to encourage them to speak up and make it safe for them to do so?

Now, very importantly, the purpose of this exercise is not for you to get down on yourself for any low scores.  It's to bring awareness to where you need to focus more time, energy, and attention.  Rather than resenting a lack of progress, it's time to reset for the rest of year.  Ask yourself:  what's the plan?  How can I increase my performance in this area?  What are the steps I need to take?  How can I show up at a higher level in the second half of the year?  For myself?  For my team?  For my organization?  For my family and friends?  What do I need reset to set myself up for success between now and year end?  And remember, it doesn't all have to be accomplished today, this week, this month.  There are still six months left in the year to level up and excel. 

While you are assessing and doing a reset in the areas you identify, be sure to acknowledge what you learned so far this year that will help you in the second half and identify what you need to learn to grow in the next six months.  And finally, ask yourself what help you need to get there. 

Spending time to reflect and assess can be a luxury, I realize.  And, it will also help you to be more intentional and deliberate about your actions as you move forward. 

This is an activity you can do alone, with your coach, with your team or even with your family.  I encourage you to schedule time on your calendar between now and the end of June to ask yourself these questions, make some notes, and commit to a second half reset.

These topics are from my High-Performance Coaching Program, during which we explore each of these areas - and more - in greater depth.  If you are interested in learning more about this program, click here.

Meanwhile, please share this post or email with anyone that you feel could benefit from taking a mid-year assessment and reset.

And as always, please reply with any questions or comments, including anything you may have noticed or learned in the process of answering the questions.

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