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Playtime is over...time to get back to work

#backtowork Sep 01, 2021

Playtime is over.  It's time to get back to work or back to school.  This is a message I need to give myself.  Maybe you too.  Happy September!

I want to be the encouraging voice in the room – for you and for me.  Especially now, given the roller-coaster nature of this Pandemic ride.  When will it end?  Things get better, then they get worse.  It really takes a toll, doesn’t it? 

Now is not a time to give up and give in.  Now is a time to regroup and recommit, to get back on track.  We could be on this ride for some time yet.  And sure, if you are having an off day or few days, do give in to it.  Allow yourself to reset and recharge. It really is okay.  You need to take care of yourself.  Rule one.

During August, we took a road trip to the Northeast to visit family and friends and to escape the heat and humidity of Florida (good luck with that -- it was just as hot and humid in New Jersey, New York, and Pennsylvania).  That said, I had full intentions of working - at least part of the time - to complete some projects and catch up on my writing.  And keep up with my newsletter and blogpost delivery. 

However, I found I needed the time away - to unplug completely - more than I realized after nearly 18 months of constant work without a break of more than a day here and there.  Slowly, I gave into it, including the feelings of guilt for not being more productive.  And as I met with others and checked in on how they were doing, I found I was not alone. 

This pandemic has worn down the best of us, as well as the rest of us.

So, if you took a much-needed time-out this summer, good for you.  And if you haven't, there is still time and I encourage it.  However, be sure you have a plan to get back on track and back on task.  And a deadline.  I have found it's very easy to get in the groove of part-time work that takes up fewer and fewer hours of your day, especially if you are largely responsible for keeping your own schedule (i.e., you are self-employed or an individual contributor with limited accountability).

September is the month to gear up for a productive fall into winter season.  We're coming into the busiest time of the year, with back-to-school, all the holidays, the cooler weather that takes us inside more. This is the time when people are spending money.  If you're in business, you need to be ready for that.  And if you're part of a larger organization, you may find that the pressure is on to produce, to end the year on a high note, all while preparing the plan for next year. 

Whether working as a business executive, or running my own business, I have always found this time of year to be the most intense. I've also learned to lean into that and enjoy it.  The energy of getting things done and finishing the year strong and preparing to start a new year even stronger can be intoxicating, even addicting. 

I find myself getting "in the zone" more often and for longer periods, and must remind myself to take breaks, because ultimately, I will be more productive if I get up and stretch, rest my eyes, drink some water, and just breathe.  I teach this to my clients and students, so it's only fair I practice what I preach.  And I do forget sometimes.

So, time to get back to it.  And if you need some help getting back on track, let's talk.  I have several tools and programs that can help you set some priorities for finishing the year on a high note and for preparing for a new year that is coming sooner than you think.

And, I’m looking forward to it already. 

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