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Maybe It's Time...

Nov 10, 2022

As I continue to reflect on the past few years and the ways the world has changed, and how it continues to change, I realize how much I have changed as well.  We all have been changed in some ways by the recent events, in some ways better, but maybe not all.

If you are like me and many of the people I know, this crazy world continues to create stress, overwhelm and uncertainty. Sometimes, I find it hard to push through all the noise.  And yet, I recognize the need to turn the corner, to move forward, to refocus my energy and attention on things I can control.

What about the leaders in your organization?  Where is their focus at the moment?  And where does it need to be?

We all share a big list of the things that concern us, everything from the basic safety and security, food and shelter and other necessities, to the bigger issues:  the environment, the economy, political unrest, the latest pandemic news, the decline of civility.  Watch or read the news and it’s easy to become anxious and overwhelmed.  And to feel somewhat helpless, maybe even hopeless.

Maybe it’s time to focus on the things within our control and influence.  It may be a small list, and there may be comfort in that.  To some degree, we can control our attitude, our actions, our thoughts, and our emotions.  And that thought alone can feel empowering.  For leaders in particular, who are setting an example, what attitude and actions are you modeling for others?

Since it is more and more difficult to stay focused, that affects our ability to be productive, which ultimately impacts our success.  At times, without realizing it, we all reach plateaus in our progress and growth.  And plateaus can become comfort zones before we know it, so we stop challenging ourselves and stretching ourselves.  What do you do when you hit a plateau? What tools and resources do you turn to?  And how do you help the members of your team?

Unless we do something – take some action, even a baby step – plateaus can prevent us from progressing.  Or we get stuck in the weeds and can no longer see the big picture.  How do we rise above that? And how do we help others to rise above it?

The world’s most successful people have figured out how to push through the noise, turn the corner, and move forward with focused energy and attention.  If you’ve ever wondered how they do that – consistently over the long run, and despite the inevitable challenges – I highly encourage you to watch this video:  The Six Secrets of the World’s Most Successful People.

In this session, you will learn:

  • Why most people fail
  • The Science of High Performance
  • How you can reach the next level without burnout and frustration
  • The Six Pillars of High Performance
  • How to Create Your Own Game Plan

A small investment of your time can make a big difference in your life.  Do it now.  Do it for you.

Tune in to The Six Secrets of the World’s Most Successful People.

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