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How Would It Feel to Grow Again?

Aug 24, 2022

If you're like most people, you've spent some part -- or even all -- of the last few years seeking safety and security, protecting yourself and your loved ones as best you could, and avoiding risks.  And maybe your organization was doing the best to survive, while treating people with compassion and empathy, encouraging self-care.

And some of us have gradually moved toward some semblance of a new normal, which is defined differently by each of us.  Maybe we've taken baby steps in that direction.

Many of us have fallen into a pattern and some of us are stuck.  People have become numb, more numb than we even realize.  We've settled into some bad habits and even if we want to shake them, we may not know where to begin.  We have a lot of company in this space.  Much of the world is in a pattern of "wait and see."

Given this state of affairs, what will it take to shake it off?  How can you challenge yourself, your leaders, your team, and your organization to get to the next level?  It's time to get back in motion and return to growth, productivity, and high performance.  Some have already turned this corner and are moving forward with pace.  Others continue to wait. 

If you want to move forward, here are some suggestions, some things to think about and some actions to take:

1/ Define - or redefine - success in the world as you know it today.  How will you measure progress?  Write it down and keep it somewhere close. Keep it simple.

2/ Remind yourself what's important and why.  Think about your core values and the actions that demonstrate them.  Give yourself a score for how well you are living up to those values and track your progress.

3/ Think about some way you want to grow.  Practice a new skill or develop one of your strengths.  Read a book, take a class, learn something new.

4/ Start small, look for quick wins.  Take one step in the direction you want to go.  Take one action today that will move you toward your goals, aspirations, and dreams.

5/ Enlist others.  Make sure you have the support you need to be successful. Friends or family - or an outside source.  I always recommend coaches and masterminds because they have helped me through some dark times.

Finally, imagine yourself in forward motion.  Visualize it.  See yourself.  What are you thinking?  What are you doing?  And what does it feel like?

Your energy is making a huge impact right now on the people around you, the people who look up to you and take their cues from you.  This may be your team, your coworkers -- or it may be your family and friends.  Someone is depending on you.

What do they see?

Many people are unsettled and looking for leadership.  And human-centered leadership is still important, more important than ever.  Meeting people where they are and challenging them to that next level is more essential than ever.  It's also more complicated, because even though we've come through the last few years together, we have also done so separately.  Each of us experienced something different, and each of us has emerged as someone different.  For leaders, this is a challenge.

The world has changed.  In the old world, we knew what to do, what was expected, and how to be.  We knew how to lead.  This new world requires new approaches, new skills, the ability to be more agile and flexible.  The transition can be frustrating and overwhelming.

If this resonates with you and you are one of the people who want to move forward and grow again, to be productive, to seek success to get back on track and regain momentum, I can help.  Whether you are a leader who wants to help your team and your organization move forward, or you are an individual who wants to step up and set a new pace for yourself, my high performance group coaching program is just what you need now. 

It's time to create the mindset, behaviors and habits that lead to success.  It's time to turn the corner.  By participating in a group of like-minded professionals, you can get the ideas and the support you need to move forward, to grow again, to level up.  You can learn more about the program here or better yet, schedule a quick call with me to see if you qualify for this group.  



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