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Have You Noticed?

Mar 03, 2021

Have you noticed how things have continued to shift rather dramatically this year?  People started out the year somewhat elated to leave behind the year 2020 and all it represented.  There was great optimism about the new year and all the possibilities.  As a result, people were energized to turn the corner on "the worst year ever," and plan for a return to normal or some new version of normal.

Then, as February hit, things changed again.  Many people were talking about hitting the proverbial wall and articles about "pandemic fatigue" appeared everywhere.  The severe weather that hit parts of the U.S. during the month didn't help, as people were - once again - stranded at home, some without power and heat.  At best, many were experiencing a roller coaster effect, wavering between positive highs and rock-bottom lows.  The mental health impact of a year of pandemic was taking its toll.

Now it's March.  It's time to get past the hangover of 2020 and look to a brighter future.  Things are shifting in a positive direction, and we all need to get on board with that.

Many people have already been vaccinated, there are more every day, and now, another vaccine on the market.  At some point during the year, we will reach the tipping point of people who feel safer moving about and the world will begin to reopen. 

What I'm suggesting, actually encouraging, even challenging you to think about is a mindset shift.  Where will you be when things open up?  And how will you prepare yourself, your team, your organization, your family and your community?  Wherever your circle of influence is situated, now is a good time to think about the future.

There is no doubt that what we will all face is a new world.  Remember that you do have some control over how you will define that world, so think about what you want it to look like. 

Many of the people I interact with have realized that getting "back to normal" - as in life as we knew it - is unrealistic.  They've also realized that there were aspects of normal life that we don't want to go back to.  And that's where your power of choice comes in.

Taking some time for yourself, with your family, with your friends, with your team or within your organization to think about this, discuss it, and have a plan will be time well spent.  I call this deliberate leadership.  It's the act of thinking through and being intentional about your actions and reactions, your thoughts and behaviors, even your emotions.  How will it all play out?  How do you intend for it to play out?  By creating a vision, formulating a plan and preparing to take action, you will be ahead of the curve. 

The reality is the world is changing with or without us. I intend to be part of that shift to a more positive direction.  What about you?

We've all spent a lot of time coping in reaction mode and now is a good time to be proactive, to lean forward toward a brighter future, and to help create that future.

The past year has been a real growth opportunity for all of us.  Just the fact that we survived it is worth celebrating.  There were many life lessons, leadership lessons and the chance to summon strengths we didn't even know we had. 

To keep the momentum going will require inspiration, energy and excitement, and a positive spirit.  These things don't just land on us, we have to summon them. 

Another factor in continuing the growth is to focus on connection.  We all experienced the importance of connecting with others during the past year and maybe realized it was something we had taken for granted.  Think about how to maintain and leverage those important connections. Create more depth in our relationships by being more deliberate about it.

And, finally, reflect on how your sense of purpose may have got derailed in the past year as you focused on the challenges right in front of you.  Many of us had to shift priorities and put some of our core values aside to survive and help those around us survive.  Now is a good time to get back on track by finding more meaning in your life and in your work.  Or, if you managed to maintain your momentum, now is a good time to kick it up a notch and ensure there are meaningful pursuits in your daily life, no matter how small.

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