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101 Things to Be Grateful For

Nov 23, 2021

In the spirit of the season, I made a list of things to be grateful for.  What's on your list?

  1. Waking up each day with another chance to make a difference in your world.
  2. Sunshine.
  3. Moonlight. And the beauty of the moon in each of its phases.
  4. Your senses. Sight. Hearing. Smell. Taste. Touch.  And the wonderful things they reveal to you about the world.
  5. Breathing. And the fact that it happens without having to think about it.
  6. All the miraculous functions of your body that take place 24/7 without effort.
  7. Those body functions that do take effort but open doors to many experiences, good and bad.
  8. Your parents, who brought you into the world, and maybe provided much more than that, if they were able.
  9. Your children and all the joys they’ve brought, and the challenges, the worries, and the things they taught you.
  10. Your siblings. Perhaps the first other people you learned to interact with.
  11. Your aunts, uncles, nieces, nephews, and cousins.
  12. Your grandparents, if you were fortunate enough to know them – and the wisdom they shared.
  13. Your ancestors, who passed on a legacy and your DNA, talents, and the traits you are proud to claim.
  14. Extended family members. Maybe you don't see them often, but you love them and wish them well.  And vice versa.
  15. Your favorite food.
  16. Your favorite wine. A bottle shared with someone whose company you enjoy.  
  17. Great friends who are fun, adventurous, and who have your back.
  18. Those that have left the earth but continue to live in your spirit.
  19. Neighbors from your childhood years, who looked out for you, invited you into their homes, provided a safe space – and maybe, snacks.
  20. Your teachers and coaches from elementary school, high school and college who took a special interest in you and inspired you to do more and be more.
  21. Your favorite subjects in elementary school, high school, college - and beyond.
  22. Your favorite movies and the stories that made you laugh or cry, scared you or gave you hope.
  23. Your first jobs and how you learned responsibility. Maybe you earned an allowance for household chores or helping neighbors.
  24. Those who have been available to guide you throughout your years. The people you can really count on.
  25. Mother nature and all the abundance she provides. To be in nature and feel a sense of its beauty and enormity.  And to watch how it performs.
  26. The people you worked for, the good and bad bosses, and the lessons you learned from them. The ways they helped you to move forward.
  27. Your work. Whether it provides financial reward or even greater fulfillment, and an opportunity to contribute.
  28. The opportunities you've been given in life. Doors that have opened.  Fate that has conspired in your favor.
  29. The smart choices you have made.
  30. The failures that you have survived, and what you've learned as a result.
  31. Art, those who have created it, the places that make it available to experience it.
  32. Music, the feelings it generates, the memories it brings up, the movement it inspires, and the musicians that have brought it to life for our enjoyment.
  33. Performers. Actors.  Dancers.  Comedians.  The fact that they studied their crafts, sometimes for years, to express themselves creatively and for our enjoyment.
  34. Your favorite books and your favorite authors. Those from childhood that inspired your interest in reading.  Those you go back to again and again.
  35. Your favorite TV shows. The ways they have helped you to look at life.
  36. Your favorite plays. The dramas, the comedies, the musicals. The way they transport you.
  37. The best concerts you ever attended. Rock, country, classical. Your favorite musical genre.
  38. Your favorite adventures in life and the memories they have created.
  39. Any special trips you've been able to take. Do you have photos?
  40. The ability to experience the full range of emotions.
  41. Pets, past and present. The joy they have brought.  The unconditional love they have shown.  All that you learned from them.
  42. Your favorite memories of any time and place, and any people. Revisit them and feel them all over again.
  43. The habits you have that keep you healthy. Moving.  Eating well.  Sleeping soundly.  Hydrating.  Even if you are not as consistent as you think you should be.  Give yourself some grace.
  44. Technology. Yes, it can be frustrating, but think of how your life has changed because of it.
  45. Things, people, and events you look forward to. Plans and dreams.  Hope.
  46. People that are willing to stake their lives for our freedom and protection. Military. Police, fire fighters.  First responders.
  47. People that become experts in fields that support us in areas where we have no interest or talent or time.
  48. Your favorite restaurants. And the people that make them work - owners, chefs, kitchen staff, wait staff.
  49. Your favorite museums. And the docents that add to the experience.
  50. Your favorite holidays. And your special traditions.
  51. Your favorite beaches, parks, and gardens. Places of solace.
  52. Your favorite places to run, walk and/or bike.
  53. Your favorite outfit. And the way you feel when you put it on.
  54. Your favorite jewelry and accessories.
  55. Your favorite pair of shoes.
  56. Rainbows.
  57. Butterflies and dragonflies.
  58. The seasons. What is your favorite thing about each of them?
  59. Energy. In all its forms:  physical, mental, emotional, spiritual.
  60. The stars and constellations you can pick out.
  61. All the places you've lived and what you liked most about each.
  62. The places you've visited and what you liked most about each.
  63. Your favorite room in your home. And how you've made it special.
  64. Your favorite items in your home, the ones you would keep with you with every move.
  65. The special things that hang on your wall and what they mean to you.
  66. Plants that you have cultivated. And the ones that didn't survive.
  67. Your favorite traits - in yourself and others.
  68. Candlelight.
  69. Logs burning in a fireplace.
  70. The first snowfall each year.
  71. The first signs of spring. Robins, crocus, daffodils or forsythia.
  72. Perfect summer days.
  73. The vibrant colors of fall.
  74. Your favorite store to shop in and how you feel when you are there.
  75. Buying a special gift for someone special. Watching them open it.
  76. A long walk with a good friend.
  77. Your yoga teacher.
  78. Your trainer.
  79. Treating yourself to a much needed massage.
  80. Getting a pedicure.
  81. Your favorite podcasts.
  82. Your favorite TedTalks.
  83. Your favorite Social Media sites.
  84. Your favorite apps.
  85. Your favorite websites.
  86. Your favorite games.
  87. Your favorite sports to watch.
  88. Your favorite news shows, sites, and commentators.
  89. Your favorite magazines.
  90. An old friend that reaches out when you least expect it.
  91. Seashells.
  92. Air travel.
  93. Traveling by train.
  94. A memorable road trip.
  95. National parks.
  96. Your favorite dessert.
  97. Birthday cake.
  98. Balloons.
  99. Winning the lottery (figuratively). And what that means to you.
  100. The special someone in your life that has made the biggest difference. Your soulmate, partner-in-crime, companion, love.
  101. Whatever you are going to do today.  Make it special.

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